Steeped in European roots and traditions, music from the Latin-American countries nevertheless displays a unique blend of romanticism, sophistication and expression. This volume presents works by great composers from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.


Recorded live in December 2012.

Programme includes works by Eduardo Dutra, Manual Ponce, Radamés Gnattali, Francisco Mignone, Astor Piazzolla, Claudio Santoro.


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The Impressionist period couldn't be more interesting in the history of French piano music. This volume presents little known French composers Louis Aubert (1877 - 1968) and Lucien Wurmser (1877 - 1967), who were both pianist-composers of the highest order. The 12 Preludes of Wurmser are appearing on recording for the first time. Detailed liner notes in English.

Bonus track: a gorgeous transcription of Debussy's famous chanson 'Beau Soir' by American pianist Koji Attwood, commissioned by Michael Lewin.


Recorded live on a Fazioli F228, August 2013


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This is a collection of rarely performed and recorded works for the piano, including several world premiere recordings, such as Joseffy's transcription of Bach Violin Partita No. 3, Estampes Japonaises by Henry Fevrier, and Berceuse sfaradite by Paul Ben-Haim.  The rest of the album are some of my favourite concert works by Murad Kazhlayev, Jean Cras, David Saperton and Joaquin Turina.


Recorded live on a Fazioli F228, January 2014


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This second Latin American album compiles the monumental 19 Danzas Cubanas by Mexican composer Mario Ruiz Armengol (1914-2002).  Written over a 12 years from 1979 to 1991, this is the best example of romantic music meets chic and modern Latin sounds, choke full of energy and verve, melancholy and mystery, .  These 19 dances represent some of the finest writings of Armengol and of Mexican piano music. 


Recorded live on a Fazioli F228, July 2016


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