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Who I really am

Without betraying my life and work with false modesty or self-aggrandizement , I am at heart simply a pianist and a music lover.  Piano music is, for obvious reasons, my first love, but even more than that is the spirit of connecting with the audience through the piano.  I began my career completely submerged into the music of the Viennese masters - Beethoven at the foremost and also Mozart, as was the obvious path for me after my years of studies with Jacob Lateiner the Beethoven scholar.  I was later more and more overwhelmed by the vertiginous possibilities on the piano and fascinated by the intoxicating power of virtuosic pianism.  My explorations into the lesser-known composers and my associations with a niche circle of like-minded pianists only add to my already fiery passion, and I started performing, almost exclusively, the music of Godowsky, Medtner, Scriabin - followed by a flotilla of rarer figures: Stanchinsky, Blancafort, Chasins, Jean Cras, Gnattali, et cetera.  Underneath this disarming variety there is in fact a thread that knits through my repertory: a spirit of exploration, of discovering something by myself, of learning a piece not from listening to hundreds of previous recordings, of uncovering musical genius and boldness so long as the work continues to give due regard to lyricism, expression, and, if I dare, even the simplicity of song.  Such is the distinctive appeal of the repertory I select.  ​

It is not often easy to come across to audiences nowadays with such an enigmatic product, and all those pianists today who have made a name and a career out of similar pursuit with a consistent effort demand nothing but the highest respects: Ludmil Angelov, Cristina Ariagno, Carlo Grante, Marc-Andre Hamelin, Jenny Lin, Jordi Maso, Murray McLachlan, Jonathan Powell, to name a few.

​In turn, I would like to thank every audience member who had supported artists like myself.  All of your support testifies to a freedom and individuality that is very much lost in the commercial arena but that which we cannot deny.   

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