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Technicien du piano


Actively involved with the piano and the art of piano-making, Mr. So currently serves as the Chief Technical Consultant for Asia Piano Japan where his main specialty is piano restoration, overseeing a team of craftsmen and artisans in between his travels and concerts.  His technical expertise combined with his sensitivity as a performer has won acclaim from pianists and music dealers from over 20 countries. 


"I have appreciated the fact that the sound of the hammers is not metallic whilst preserving the necessary power."  Atanassio Cecchini, from Remini (Italy), author of "Piano Dream: History of the Piano", on a Yamaha Conservatory Series C3 serial number 1443321, originally made in 1972. 


"Nous avons reçu ce matin à Paris les pianos et je suis très content, ils sont impeccables."  ("We have received the pianos this morning in Paris and I am very happy about the impeccable work.")  Bruno Canac of Hamm Musique from Paris, on 8 pianos of different vintages and models.


"[The] pianos have well come with me and the quality is distinguished. The surfaces, the regulation and all the other things are in such a way as I can only wish it. I thank you for such a good work."  Herbert Vogel, Munich



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