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Rejuvenated!  - Part I: Lobb captoe


The  Rejuvenated!  series is an ongoing project with a shoemaker in London who is spending hours re-polishing almost every single pair of my old shoes to a "military" shine, thus giving new life to an otherwise old and weary companion of many a journeys in the past decade and half.  




June 25, 2013

This is the oldest pair of shoes in my closet: a burgundy captoe from John Lobb Paris.  It was also probably one of my first "good" shoes, dating from right after being released from Juilliard in 2000 or 2001.  It has seen continuous wear in town, on stage, with suits, buttoned down days, and every occasions in between.  I still love it to bits.
I probably got the idea of getting my first "good" shoe as a captoe from watching footages of Prince Charles, whom I noticed was always wearing a black captoe from Lobb.  I didn't think I'll be wearing a lot of black so I picked burgundy, which will also become my favourite shoe color for years to come.
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