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Rejuvenated!  - Part II: Vass 2-eyelet


The  Rejuvenated!  series is an ongoing project with a shoemaker in London who is spending hours re-polishing almost every single pair of my old shoes to a "military" shine, thus giving new life to an otherwise old and weary companion of many a journeys in the past decade and half.  




June 28, 2013

One of my first bespoke creations with Lazlo Vass of Budapest.  
Vass is every bit an old-world shoe maker, so we had to spend a little bit of time drawing this "Corthay" model on paper.  (Pierre Corthay is a shoemaker in Paris famous for this particular model.)  The leather is a beautiful cognac/light burgundy, and after a few years of wear it is ageing beautifully.  Perhaps the end result isn't as sleek as Corthay's, and it also looks a bit chunkier, but this was as expected of Vass - his shoes are well-made sturdy workhorse.  At least I managed to add a dash of style to the staid Austro-Hungarian stodginess.  
The "military" polish came back with a beautiful patina.  This is one of the few shoes I am thinking about having it dyed and hand-antiqued later on, perhaps after a few more years.  
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