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PremiereNow is a project that was born at the start of my concert career and was finally hatched in 2015.  It aims to bring back to life forgotten composers and their music by video-recording them for the first time in history.  


The history of piano is a limitless musical universe.  The most representative repertoire of our time - works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and a handful others - was accumulated through generations of conservatory scholasticism, condensing 300 years of incontestible richness and variety into a few oft-repeated names, which in turn were arranged to align and to fit into aged treatises based on fixed definitions of style, period, form, genre, et cetera.  Many composers, even great ones, fell victim to this treatment and slighted enthusiasm, losing ground to more successful colleagues whose personalities aided them to cast a long shadow above their peers.  These lost voices began to fade in brilliance and in existence, leaving a priesthood of true enthusiasts to defend and to preach their names.  These enthusiasts - music lovers, scholars, collectors, and a few of them actual pianists - are like hermits who know the train schedule by heart.  In spite of their impeccable taste in music and an immense knowledge, they rarely flock to the limelight, and thus the lost voices remain lost to the general public.  


I was taught by a teacher who believed in a thorough schooling of conventions and traditions, only to celebrate freedom from them at last.  At PremiereNow, I will resurrect many silenced voices of our glorious past and etched them onto video-recordings, a format that I believe will motivate fellow pianists and educators to rekindle their organic love for the music.  


I have thus spoken my piece.  Now let the music speak for themselves.

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