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Rivolta's showroom opens in Hong Kong

March 16, 2013


My first encounter with Rivolta was at their Milan headquarter.  As with other brands and makers, Asia is now the most profitable market for luxury goods.  A banker-turned-impresario has built herself an elegant studio in the heart of Hong Kong where she displays, alongside paintings by up-and-coming Chinese artists and artisanal Italian wines, shoes of Rivolta.  Complete with the foot scanner, I can now do my fitting and measuring at her studio while sipping champagne and wine or browsing through the latest LAST magazines. 

Photos taken at H Space, which receives clients and guests by appointment only.  The H Space is a studio run by Ally Chow of Herita Advisors, an "impresario" for many independent artists and artisans.  Email her at for additional information.  She travels around quite a bit, but mention my name and you would probably get a more immediate reply.

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